Riot hints at 2024 LoL Prestige skins, return of PROJECT, Blood Moon themes

Riot Games is well known for its efforts with the hundreds of League of Legends champion skins released over the past decade. This year, for example, the team will be bringing back a few popular skin themes, while also adding Prestige skins for a collection of champions.

In a new season 2024 preview video released today, the developer team at Riot broke down a plethora of different topics for the new year, including a look at the newest champion Smolder, major changes to League‘s mastery system, and a first look at the newest skins to hit Summoner’s Rift, Howling Abyss, and Arena. This year, players will be returning to familiar universes, while also taking the first steps onto some new horizons with fresh thematics that should captivate audiences.