Riot is making big changes to how jungle ganking works in League Patch 13.3

You’re minding your own business in the mid lane, killing minions and harassing that Zed who will inevitably roam and dive your bot, when all of a sudden a big bad wolf jumps from the brushes and tries to kill you. Well, no more, because League of Legends Patch 13.3 is set to trim down the power of early ganks and dives.

Starting Patch 13.3, which will roll out on Feb. 8, junglers will have to choose more wisely if they want to invest time in a gank that has high odds of failing miserably. Treat Gold is getting reduced from 30 seconds cooldown to a 20-second cooldown and large monsters, like blue and red buffs, will now give 85 XP instead of the original 75.

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