Riot is planning a significant rework to target one of League’s ‘most frustrating champs’ in 2023

Over the past year, League of Legends players have quickly gained an aversion for cats all thanks to one troublesome feline champion. Yuumi has become one of the most infamous supports in the game and is a menace to deal with in both professional play and solo queue. But luckily, Riot Games has a rework planned for the Curious Cat scheduled for next year.

“We think there’s a better place for Yuumi where we can deliver on her gameplay fantasy for her players while also making her less frustrating to play against,” Riot said in Patch 12.23’s notes. “We’re giving Yuumi a decently sized nerf to temporarily address some of her more frustrating features and curbing her power in both elite and pro play. However, we definitely don’t see this as the final, long-term solution for this champion.”

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