Riot steps in with much-needed buffs for Rell in LoL following midscope update

Some of League of Legends’ most recent midscope updates have landed well among players, while others have needed a bit more tuning. The champion that received a midscope update along with Patch 13.11 yesterday is on the latter path, leading Riot Games to offer her a bit of help.

Despite the hype surrounding Rell’s midscope update, the changes did not make as impactful of a mark on Summoner’s Rift as Riot had intended, resulting in a 39-percent win te for the champion within 24 hours of the changes going live, according to OP.GG. Luckily, Riot has stepped in today to apply some much-needed buffs for Rell’s pseudo-reworked state, gnting her higher numbers and percentages around nearly her entire kit.