Riot thinks Naafiri’s lore is confusing too, will provide more clarity in update

Each champion that is added to League of Legends contributes to the ovell world-building of Runeter, oftentimes connecting them with existing champions to update their lore simultaneously as well. However, in the case of one particular Darkin, a story released regarding her journey has fans frustted at its lore contdictions, ultimately leading to an upcoming change.

When the lore for League’s newest champion, Naafiri, was released on June 22, fans across social media expressed concern as to how exactly the Darkin dagger “shattered” and became part of an entire pack of dogs at once. While this was little more than a metaphor about the pack’s bond, Riot Games will be diving back into the Hound of a Hundred Bites’ lore to make it more clear as to what exactly happened.