Riot to change the prices of all LoL champions to cater to new players

All League of Legends champions will undergo a change in their sale price in patch 13.5, according to Riot Games. By changing both the blue essence and RP values for all champions, Riot aims at easing the acquisition of champions for new players coming to League. The new prices will not only be based on the date of release for champions, but also on the level of skills required to master them.

Riot described their existing pricing model as “a bit archaic,” explaining how it is not in line with how they feel players should acquire their champions in 2023. Jordan “BarackProbama” Checkman and August Browning clarified that the new pricing structure will still be connected with the age of the champion, but will no longer be tied to the release of a new playable character. Instead, the prices will change based on how many seasons the champion has “seen.”

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