Riot to rework LoL’s controversial Stopwatch into existing item for 2024 season

Riot Games is taking a number of liberties with changes in the upcoming League of Legends preseason, with a particular focus on adjusting one of the game’s more infuriating mechanics—Stasis—but at the cost of a few omissions to the item’s identity.

As part of the extensive updates to League’s item system and Summoner’s Rift itself coming in 2024, Riot confirmed in a developer blog post today that Stopwatch will be completely removed from the game—but its presence isn’t leaving entirely. Instead, Seeker’s Armguard, a component of Zhonya’s Hourglass and an efficient item for mages dealing with assassins, will now be updated to include the Stasis effect that Stopwatch once provided, completely reworking the item and making it much more valuable than it previously was.