Same mission, new wings: MVP jungler completes supercharged FlyQuest LCS roster, featuring legendary top laner and LCK rising stars

After spending the majority of its time in the LCS as the league’s plucky underdogs, FlyQuest is soaring into the new year with a flight filled with ace pilots. The team finally completed its lineup, which has a couple of veten LCS stars, a top LCS Academy prospect, and two of the LCK’s fastest-rising players.

Former MVP jungler Spica is the latest signing, as he will join forces with longtime LCS favorite Impact to form a formidable top-side combo for the green team. This past year with TSM was pretty rough for the 21-year-old star, who will now try to turn a new leaf after back-to-back bottom-five finishes during the regular season. Spica is still one of the best junglers in the league, but he’ll need to regain his throne back among the likes of Blaber, Inspired, Closer, and Pyosik.

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