Spell supremacy: 3 of LoL’s 5 best bot lane carries in Patch 14.4 aren’t even ADCs

Over the last year, the League of Legends metagame has shifted several times, with the seismic changes mainly due to the new item system and massive changes to Summoner’s Rift. These have forced players to adapt, with one popular adaptation coming in the form of more and more mages popping up as bot lane carries.

In fact, through League Patch 14.4, three of the top five bottom lane carry choices were actually mages, rather than traditional attack damage-focused characters, with Swain, Seraphine, and Twisted Fate taking over with skyrocketing win rates, according to League stats tracking site U.GG. The only true marksmen in the top five were Nilah and Senna, who are still two of the more unorthodox AD carry picks in the class.