‘Still on the table’: MarkZ says LCS could still move to best-of-three as soon as this year

As the freshly revamped LCS 2024 completes its third week this weekend, commissioner Mark “MarkZ” Zimmerman has addressed fans’ thoughts and opinions on the format of the league, stating a move to best-of-threes over one or two-match series isn’t out of the question this year.

MarkZ said the LCS team is “open to exploring” changes to the LCS format in a Feb. 2 AMA, where he and other staff answered questions from the League of Legends subreddit, the LCS Discord server, and fans attending the Riot Games Arena. MarkZ pointed out that the decision to run with best-of-ones for the Spring Split was purely analytical given how many changes the LCS had endured during the off-season.