‘Stop buying it’: LoL players call for Winterblessed pass boycott over missing goodies

Riot’s annual League of Legends Winterblessed event is just about to begin, but players are already unhappy with the event pass and the fact it contains fewer valuable items than last year—so much so that they’ve called for a boycott today.

Like the annual Halloween event, the Winterblessed event is one we see every year in League, and it often features a new event pass with missions, rewards, and new skins or a sale with past Winterblessed skins. While we haven’t received the official release date for the Winterblessed event for 2023, we do know it will begin in the first week of December, most likely when the last patch of the year goes live on Dec. 6. Usually that means excitement starts building, but this week players are instead furious after seeing the new Winterblessed rewards.