Stormsurge, AP top laners among first nerfs of the year in LoL Patch 14.1 B

As expected, a micropatch for League of Legends Patch 14.1 is indeed being released soon. And while it doesn’t address all of the concerns players have expressed within the first few days of the new season, some outliers are being tuned to improve the gameplay experience.

Riot Phroxzon, the lead gameplay designer for League, provided players with a list of all of the changes coming with Patch 14.1 B—set to be released either today or tomorrow—as well as some detailed explanations of what has landed right and what the team isn’t too happy with. Since this is a micropatch, it will not be released to the PBE first, though any complications with it will likely be addressed either immediately or in Patch 14.2, which is expected to be released on Jan. 24 with a short PBE testing period prior.