T1 claims hard-fought victory over Team Liquid in 3-1 MSI elimination match

World Champions T1 secured a hard-fought win over Team Liquid Honda in a 3-1 series at the 2024 League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational. T1 was heavily favored to win, with most predicting a swift victory, however, TL’s performance defied expectations, showcasing their resilience and skill throughout the series. 

While T1 secured a relatively comfortable win in the first game, TL fought back fiercely in the second, coming close to securing victory with proactive plays and clutch skirmishes—they even stole a Baron Buff with a great plan onto T1 jungler, Oner. But despite TL’s efforts, T1 managed to clinch the win in the second game, as well, capitalizing on a crucial fight at the elder drake to secure their second point on the scoreboard.