T1 eliminate 100 Thieves from Worlds 2021

100 Thieves were the first North American team to be eliminated from the 2021 League of Legends World Championship after a disappointing loss to the LCK’s T1. 

It was an impressive early game for the Thieves, one that kept them in contention with T1. Although T1 started with the first blood, 100T quickly reacted by initiating a play in the bot lane. This play consisted of a four-man dive, utilizing Abbedagge’s teleport accompanied by a gank from Closer. Even though they initiated the play, the situation looked grim for the North American representatives, but a series of outplays from FBI saved what would have been a lost fight. In the end, both FBI and Abbedagge maneuvered themselves through a three vs. one, making it an advantageous tde.

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