Tankplank reigns supreme: T1 bounce back with dominant 25-minute victory against Evil Geniuses at MSI 2022

For many T1 fans watching the 2022 League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational, the tournament hasn’t been going as smoothly as they thought it would. They can, however, find some happiness with their play against Evil Geniuses after taking them down in a dominant 25-minute victory.

The rumble stage hasn’t looked too great for the LCK champions, especially after dropping two games against both G2 Esports and Royal Never Give Up. Their superstar bottom lane duo of Gumayusi and Keria haven’t looked nearly as dominant as we seen them this past spring either, with the young AD carry seeing drops in KDA, damage numbers, and kill participation percentage when comparing his Spring Split form to his MSI form, according to Ocle’s Elixir.