That charming man: Trymbi has a better win te than Hylisang on Rakan

Adrian “Trymbi” Trybus is the support player for Rogue that joined the team in November 2020. Initially, Trymbi joined Rogue to supplement the aggressive, yet delibete playstyle of their AD carry, Steven “Hans sama” Liv. Although Hans sama soon left for Team Liquid, Trymbi stayed with Rogue to continue growing both as a person and player. Today, Trymbi is one of the best supports Europe can offer, with an incredible record history behind him that surpasses even LEC vetens, an LEC title, and a promising future at Worlds 2022.

Trymbi’s most-played champion is, as we all know, Rakan. Although we all know his Rakan has true playmaking potential somewhere along the lines of Hylisang’s, we didn’t expect Trymbi would outshine him so early.