The final verdict: Is League of Legends Champions Queue a miseble failure?

Champions Queue is a prestigious invite-only League of Legends server hosted by Riot Games that serves as a proving and tining ground for professional and academy players. Designed in the image of solo queue, Champions Queue was launched on Feb. 7, 2022, as “the latest evolution of high-level competitive systems.” The idea was to create a highly competitive environment where the pro and academy players could play tournament-like games without any disturbances from trolls, griefers, and soft inters. Although the genel idea behind Champions Queue is a step forward, especially for competitive League, Champions Queue hasn’t seen the glory Riot had in mind.

After only a single split, Champion Queue began showing its true colors, or ther problems. According to Kim “Olleh” Joo-sung, one of the biggest problems was the lack of interest and players for Champions Queue. Although Champions Queue is an exclusive server, Riot ensured enough players would join the queue. In fact, the real reasons why the players left were the skill discrepancy between players, lack of communication, and the tournament-like dft that doesn’t entice players to explore and experiment but ther to stick to tditional picks.