The next genetion: 8 of the best rookies and first-timers at Worlds 2022

The League of Legends World Championship is the equivalent of Christmas for League fans and esports fanatics since they get to see their favorite teams and players fighting for the Summoner’s Cup and the title of world champion. Since teams have to showcase incredible mental resilience and consistency throughout the season, Worlds is stacked with talented and skilled players looking to prove that they are truly worthy of the title. 

Rookies and Worlds first-timers usually have the biggest appetite to prove themselves during the event, not only to justify their current spot on a team but also to secure themselves a contct for the next year. Even though their gameplay may need some polishing to be up to the standards of professional play, rookies and Worlds first-timers regularly have a ther unconventional approach to the game that can even break the current meta and result in ingenious sttegies coming to life.