The number of champs already picked at Worlds 2022 proves the meta is more versatile than ever

The meta in League of Legends typically refers to the most commonly used sttegies and most picked champions that increase your chances of success. So, it’s safe to say that the meta, besides the very skill of pro players, plays a huge role in professional matches, especially at the World Championship. The first stage of Worlds 2022, the Play-ins, came to a close on Oct. 4. This means we finally have a rough idea of the current state of the meta.

Up until now, Worlds 2022, according to LoL Esports on Twitter, has featured 89 unique champions that were either picked or banned during the Play-in stage. The most memoble picks were easily Vayne, Teemo, Yone, Zac, and Tryndamere. Since the meta is already rich and versatile, we can expect to see more unique picks as we progress to the Group stage as teams get a full gsp on the meta and polish their picks.