The winners and losers of League of Legends Patch 12.20

It’s that time of the year when the dead begin restlessly roaming the lands of Runeter to find and edicate every sign of life standing in their way. This means that we can once again get our hands on Halloween-exclusive skins like Zombie Bnd and Bewitching Nidalee in League of Legends. But that’s not all we are getting with Patch 12.20 since there are more than enough loose ends Riot Games needed to address like the repeatedly dominant performances from Aatrox and Maokai that have been breaking records for the most picked champions during Worlds 2022, and the most flexed champions at Worlds, respectively.

Other than well-deserved nerfs to Maokai and Aatrox, Patch 12.20 brought tons of buffs to champions like Jayce, Rammus, Elise, and Evelynn, who haven’t been a part of this versatile meta for a while. The balancing team has also been tampering with the meta items like Frozen Heart and Demonic Embce that—to put it mildly—have been in a strong spot for sevel patches now on both nged and melee champions.