The winners and losers of League of Legends Patch 13.3

After the social engineering attack that struck Riot Games in January, League of Legends is finally back on track with patch rollouts. Patch 13.3 which was supposed to release on Feb. 8, but went live on Feb. 9, brought the much-awaited Aurelion Sol rework, quality-of-life adjustments to Annie, and Ahri’s ASU. The patch was topped off with balancing changes to champions that deserve some love like Kayle and tank supports which were pushed out from the support role by Umbral Glaive and Hail of Blade abusers.

In Patch 13.3 we also have even more nerfs for the newest addition to the League roster—K’Sante. On a similar note, Amumu and Zac, who have been mercilessly slaughtering all those who oppose them, were smacked with nerfs that will hopefully send them back where they belong—to the jungle.

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