This one teamfight could’ve changed the outcome of Dplus KIA vs. KT at LoL Worlds 2023

Former League of Legends world champions Dplus KIA were denied a chance to claim a second Summoner’s Cup this past weekend when they were heartbreakingly eliminated from Worlds 2023 by fellow Korean leaguemates KT Rolster.

But League fans have their eye on one teamfight in particular that maybe could’ve reshaped the outcome of the series had it not been for one unfortunate misplay by Dplus ADC Deft. Thirty-seven minutes into the second game of KT and Dplus’ Swiss stage series on Oct. 29, a crucial teamfight swung in the favor of KT Rolster, although it possibly could’ve turned out differently if Deft landed his Aphelios ultimate, Moonlight Vigil.