Tyler1 slams ‘paycheck-stealing LCS players’ for allegedly ‘openly griefing’ LoL matches

In a recent stream, League of Legends streamer Tyler1 spoke about LCS players with his usual forgiving, friendly on-stream tone, calling LCS pros “fucking disgusting, social anixety-ridden fuckfaces” before comparing the “dogshit” North American game state to the way pros treat their careers in other regions. 

These comments were prompted by a solo queue game in which Team Liquid support CoreJJ appeared to be playing below an acceptable level, displaying bizarre movement patterns and making plays that one wouldn’t expect out of one of the most decorated LCS players of all time. Immediately following that game, Tyler1 dissected the gameplay of CoreJJ, VOD-reviewing moments in which Tyler1 accused the former world champion of “openly griefing” and “running it down.”