Veteran LoL YouTuber SkinSpotlights to scale back coverage due to Riot’s Vanguard system

Riot Games’ anti-cheat system, Vanguard, which will be brought into League of Legends by March, may be great for eliminating cheaters. However, it’s also why YouTuber SkinSpotlights will be scaling back their content, as it will make it impossible for them to produce specific content to do so going forward.

After what Riot believes has been a successful implementation of the Vanguard system into VALORANT, their FPS title, the devs revealed on Jan. 5 in the Season 2024 Look Ahead video that they will be bringing this anti-cheat system to League by the end of Feb. or early March to help reduce the bots, scripters, and cheaters in Leagueespecially in ranked games. While this is a welcome relief because it means evening the playing field, it does have some disastrous consequences for dataminers, like SkinSpotlights, who use their third-party software for filming purposes and will no longer be able to get the footage they need for their content.