Vitality kick off LEC Spring Split with a MOM-powered win

In today’s fiery debut of the LEC Spring Split 2024, Team Vitality blazed a triumphant trail against Team Heretics on March 9 and secured their first win of the regular season. Besides making a scorching debut themselves, Vitality also assured a winning first day in the LEC for the Fiery Fledgling Smolder.

With the implemented changes to the LEC drafting system coming to the league with this Spring Split, Vitality and Heretics drafted their team compositions behind the scenes before walking on stage. This gave them some time to think about which strategy to bring out on the rift for their first day of regular season, particularly crucial for Heretics who brought few changes to their roster and had to face a the first Smolder of the season as Vitality picked the small dragon for their bot laner, Carzzy.