What we know about Vex, League’s potential next champion

The Ruination has been a staple part of League of Legends throughout 2021, and during the year, we’ve gotten to meet many new faces that are joining the battle of good versus evil. The newest member of the fight is a gloomy yordle named Vex who’s joined Viego in his conquest—and she might just be the next champion coming to League.

Vex appears in the Rise of the Sentinels story of the Sentinels of Light event as a centl antagonist for the heroes, though she’s been hinted at for some time. She was initially teased in the developer update regarding champions in 2021 back in January, though it was said the yordle would be coming before the mid-lane marksman champion, who we know now is the Rogue Sentinel, Akshan. But in April’s champion roadmap, Riot announced that the yordle mage’s release was pushed back until after the marksman because “she needed a bit more time in development.”

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