MCOM eSports

MCOM eSports

MCOM eSports is a premier Australian gaming organization established in 2014. Our journey began when a group of UniSA enthusiasts, known as the Salt Squad, came together to passionately compete in multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBAs) using the Curse Voice platform.

After the discontinuation of Curse Voice, the group migrated to the gaming platform called Discord. In that same year, the main founder, Latte, enlisted in the Australian Army. Following his service in 2019, he officially renamed the group to MCOM eSports (Military Community eSports). This rebranding symbolized three significant aspects of his life: Military, Community, and Esports.

Since then, MCOM has emerged as a dominant force in the Oceanic region, becoming the most dedicated professional gaming organization in Australia.

Competitive Titles:

2023 Redbull NZ Armageddon Valorant Champions

2023 MCE Challenger Training Grounds

2022 WYWM Autumn Invitationals Champions
2021 BOT Open Tournament Champions
2021 UTS Open Victory Week Champions
2021 ECAT Gold-Diamond Champions
2020 Sumsoc Plat-Challenger Champions
2020 BSV Iron-Plat Champions
2020 BSV Iron-Gold Champions
2020 TMG Iron-Plat Champions
2020 TMG Iron-Gold Champions
2020 Sumsoc Iron-Plat Champions

The organization leads the way in player development and offers a platform for competitive gameplay.

Discord Members
Tournament Rosters

Join our discord server and jump into some games with our friendly members, participate in our for-fun custom games, or sign your name up for the tryhard inhouse customs. If you feel confident in your skills, message a manager and trial for one of our tournament teams.

Check out some of the Twitch and YouTube content creators in the MCOM community.