Arcane’s final act is live

Riot Games and Netflix’s popular animated series Arcane dropped its final act of the first season earlier today. The series is set in Piltover and Zaun and shows the past of some of the champions in League of Legends. The show also showcases the dichotomy between the two cities and their inhabitants. Arcane has already made a strong impression by topping global charts on Netflix with its first two acts.

The first act of the series mainly provides background context for the champions in the show, with Vi, Jinx (then called Powder), Jayce, and others taking the spotlight. The first part alternates its focus between Vi and Powder’s childhood and Jayce’s Hextech research. Vander—the Hound of the undercity and one of the people maintaining the peace between the two cities—died at the end of the act’s last episode, with Jinx’s newly formed Hextech bomb killing her friends by accident. The tgedy pushed her into the arms of Silco, the show’s main antagonist, who appears during the first act.

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