Fighter sustain, ADC satisfaction, Grievous Wounds all on Riot’s dar for next League update

When it comes to balance, League of Legends is far from being a perfectly tuned game. Luckily, lead League designer Matt Leung-Harrison and the rest of the team are tirelessly working on addressing the community’s most pressing pet peeves, and here’s the list of changes coming to the game with Patch 13.2.

On Jan. 11, Leung-Harrison, otherwise known as Phroxzon, shared Riot Games’ plans for the future of the game, starting with Patch 13.2. In a tweet, the lead designer revealed the list of changes for Patch 13.2, with the devs heavily focusing on readjusting Grievous Wounds to add a 40 percent healing debuff on lesser components, then there are promised changes coming to AD carries like “small-scope satisfaction changes,” and potential changes in dubility.