League pros can’t stop picking and banning these 2 champions in the 2022 LPL Spring Split

It has been a week since the beginning of the 2023 LPL Spring Split and League of Legends pros are already shaping up the meta for this year. In the 19 matches that have been played so far, Lucian and Ryze have stood out in the drafting phase with 100 percent pick-ban rates, according to stats site Lol.fandom. It shows that LPL teams have full confidence in these two champions and are willing to either snatch them up for their players or prevent the enemy from getting them.

Prioritizing Lucian in the bottom lane is not such a big surprise. He has high mobility and good scaling. Lucian becomes almost uncatchable in the late game and creates havoc in teamfights. He can counter short-ranged ADC champions that are currently in the meta (Kalista, Sivir, Zeri, Aphelios).

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