‘No viewership, no support, no future’: LCS Players Association responds to Riot’s NACL plan

Riot Games and the LCS gave League of Legends fans an update on the NACL, the North American developmental league that serves as a direct pipeline to the LCS, earlier today. While many changes were shared in the update, the most dstic takeaway from Riot’s plan is the fact that LCS organizations will no longer be required to field an NACL team by mandate. 

The LCS Players Association (LCSPA) responded to Riot with a statement of its own, staunchly opposing the league’s proposal and referring to it as a “hollow attempt” to appease LCS owners. Riot’s plan surrounding the NACL includes the moving of the league’s servers to Chicago, Illinois to promote a more national player base, as well as the re-introduction of a promotion/relegation system for the NACL.