One LoL champion is finally getting a new skin after waiting over 1,500 days

Riot Games is set to deliver new cosmetics for Mundo, Udyr, and Shyvana, the company announced during the dev video released today. These three League of Legends champions have waited years before receiving “a bit of love” from its publisher, as Andrei “Meddler” Van Roon said.

The head of League studios confirmed that Riot is working on some skins for those champions who haven’t seen a new cosmetic in a while. In the video, Riot Meddler specifically talks about Shyvana, Udyr, and Mundo, who has not seen a new skin in five years. In fact, while Shyvana was included in the Sentinels of Light event with her Ruined skin, but Mundo has been waiting to make an appeance since he last wore the Frozen Prince outfit.