Riot CEO says Arcane season 2 is coming, but not in 2023

The release of the Arcane series on Netflix surpassed expectations, with the League-inspired series becoming a critical hit after its staggered release in November 2021. While the folks at Riot Games are happy with the unexpected results, it does mean that work on season two started at a late juncture, so fans will have to wait longer to see what happens next.

In a video appearance on April 7, Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent confirmed that the series’ sequel season is currently in the works, but revealed that fans won’t be getting it in 2023. Laurent explained that Riot “didn’t know if season one would be a success,” so the team “waited a bit and are now paying the price.” Laurent, who said he had just watched episode three of the new season, confirmed that it wouldn’t be released in 2023.

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