The 2023 MSI and summer events will bring exclusive skin thematics to LoL

After introducing to its fans to the Faerie Court earlier this month, Riot Games is exploring new thematics for League of Legends’ skin lines. In a dev blog released today, Andrei “Meddler” Van Roon, the head of League studios, said that new thematics are coming to the game this year.

Using the Faerie Court skin line as an example, Riot Meddler explained that the devs are always exploring new skin thematics for League, with the next one coming up this May. To celebte the first international event of the year, Riot will release a creative new skin theme hoping to enthll MSI fans. In 2021, a Conqueror skin and its Prestige edition were released for the event along with the Worlds 2020 champions’ skins, and last year, the High Noon battle pass and its skins were tied to MSI.

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