The Mageseeker review: Light up the dark secrets of Demacia

The Mageseeker: a League of Legends Story goes beyond sharing the backstory of one champion from the Riot Games title and embarks on a political journey dappled with magic. The story follows Sylas, a former Mageseeker, as he breaks the chains of his imprisonment and vows to free Demacia from the corruption and fear installed by the ruling regime. The Unshackled Sylas will join the same rebellion he sparked and will learn to put aside his own desire for vengeance to be the leader his people need. 

Image via Riot Forge

It’s a story of fear, hope, revenge, and forgiveness all encompassed in a challenging political environment that dives deep into the hypocrisy of the great nation of Demacia. The Mageseeker is a solid standalone game that can be enjoyed without prior knowledge of the main League of Legends universe that inspired its creation. But fans of Runeter’s lore will be thrilled to explore the Dark Forest surrounding the Great City of Demacia, Terbisia, Meltridge, and all the other locations that were only dots on an intective map before