The winners and losers of League of Legends Patch 13.1

How do you recognize a League of Legends player? Are they taller and thinner than Fortnite players? Or are they just louder than other gamers? The biggest telling sign you’re dealing with a League player is that you won’t see much of them mid-January since they’ll be too busy reading the first patch notes of the year and tirelessly grinding to get back to their nk after the reset. 

Patch 13.1 introduced Jax’s mid-scope rework, much-needed nerfs to bruisers and tanks, and buffs to mages. Aside from that, the patch focused on toning down the genel power creep of bruisers and tanks, especially with Jan’Sho the Protean and dominant rune choice—Legend:Tenacity, and helping mage brothers our with more than just a handful of buffs to Rod of Ages, Seph’s Embce, and Horizon Focus.