Zaun’s most famous sisters take down Piltover’s Finest duo in LEC match

The third match of the day of the second weekend of the LEC Spring Split saw Fnatic dft Caitlyn for Rekkles and Jayce for Oscarinn. But Piltover’s Finest duo couldn’t enforce their law on the Rift as team BDS unleashed the power of Zaun’s most famous family, with Crownie picking up an unkillable Jinx and Sheo overpowering the opposition as Vi.

The first week of the Spring Split for LEC featured fast-paced games where one of the teams picked up the lead in the early game and snowballed it to the victory screen. That was not the case for the match between BDS and Fnatic. Rekkles and company kicked off the game by conceding the first blood to BDS in the bot lane but then proceeded to obtain a small gold lead thanks to picking up the first tower of the game on the other side of the map.