Zven apologizes for not shaking hands with Yeon after LCS win: ‘I was a bit out of line’

Cloud9 faced off against Team Liquid today in their last game of week four of the LCS Spring Split, a crucial game for both teams. A win for C9 would tie them for second with Evil Geniuses after a shaky start to super week, while Liquid wanted to break out of the middle of the pack, currently in the bottom half of the standings. After 41 minutes of action, C9 emerged victorious, with support player Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen exchanging heated words with his opponents afterwards.

Walking over to shake Team Liquid’s hands, Zven opted not to shake hands with the bot lane, simply stating “back to academy”, firing shots at Sean “Yeon” Sung, who had previously played in Team Liquid Academy since 2020 before his promotion to the main roster.